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      1. Welcome to ruian tai electric appliance co., LTD's website

        About Gongtai

        Ruian Gongtai electric appliance co., LTD is located in the beautiful environment, developed economy, convenient transportation of the coastal open city - wenzhou, zhejiang province, is a collection of scientific research, production, sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprises;The company was founded in 1999, the existing factory building area of 3000 square meters, staff 60 people.Tai electronics company mainly developed low voltage motor intelligent monitor and auto motor controller

        • GT505F low voltag
        • Intelligent contr
        • Intelligent contr
        • GTP series digita
        • GTP Series LCD di
        • CM801 integral (i
        • CM808 control and
        • GT500K series mot
        • GT500 series moto
        • GT502K series mot
        • GT505K series mot
        • GT-JDG6-180 serie
        Tai electronics company mainly developed low voltage motor intelligent monitor and auto motor controller;Low voltage motor intelligent monitor series, dozens of specifications have the domestic leading level, are widely used in petrochemical, coal, electric power, metallurgy, textile, building materials industries such as industrial control system;Automobile motor controller series with wiper, chairs, doors and Windows, such as intelligent controller, the product has been with the Czech PMP, wins HuaBo, Wan Jiang and well-known enterprises such as mechanical and electrical facilities, widely used in international famous brands of all kinds of models.
        • Shenghuabo group project
        • Deyuan Textile Engineering
        • Zhejiang Samsung paper industry
        • Santa group project
        • Conch Cement Project
        • Zhejiang salfo cement works
        • Yuncheng coal mine engineering
        • Zhao Lou coal mine project

        Business consulting

        0577-65030088 65030099

        Technical consulting

        0577-65030003 65031999

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